Blueberrying – A Family Tradition

My great-grandparents and family.

Family traditions have played an important part in my life. They’ve been a source of grounding for me, especially during times of stress. They provide the touchstones that remind me of who I am and where I’ve been.

Even though my kids (ages 12 & 14) tire of listening to me tell them family stories, I continue to tell them anyway. Perhaps it’s because they only have one living grandparent that I feel I’m the torch bearer of family tradition, but I want them to feel a sense of being part of something larger.

Our biennial trip to Maine is something that brings me peace and happiness because of the memories associated with it. The love of my grandparents, playing with my cousins, being at the lake, picking blueberries…these things remind me of some of the happiest and carefree times in my life. I’m thankful that my kids (as well as my husband) seem to enjoy the trip as much as I do, each for different reasons. But it all boils down to something many seem to have lost in our technologically advanced, fast-paced lives – a sense of connectedness and togetherness – and that we are loved.

My oldest getting his first taste of wild blueberries.



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  1. Have been working on our family tree because my sister and I started it, she was much more patient and analytical than I. She passed over 5 years ago and my goal was to finish what we started. Yes she and I had so many shared memories and our offspring someday will “care”, wonder and will value, I’m hoping that we kept those memories and traditions alive. Thank you for sharing Jill.

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